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Established in 1988, HI-Tech is a computer consultancy company offering a wealth of I.T. technical , business and managerial knowledge gained within financial business sectors. The founding directors alone have in excess of 30 years experience in the provision of I.T. solutions.

HI-Tech specialize in the asset management and London market insurance business areas with I.T. experience primarily gained within an AS400 technical background, although much of the work undertaken is platform independent. Using the experience gained and the reputation built within the asset management and London market business arenas, HI-Tech have a proven track record in providing clients with a reliable outsourcing service for related I.T. requirements.

Through running and marketing a successful business our awareness of utilizing available technology for the promotion of our skills and services has led us to expand our own knowledge base to include web based development. This is an additional area of expertise which we now offer our clients.

HI-Tech have a purely financial market based business focus. Using only extremely experienced resource, clients are assured of a high level of business and technical knowledge in this area.

Our small business focus, gained through successfully running a business for 15 years is something we are also able to use to advise and understand other small businesses or individuals, who wish to promote themselves through the use of Information Technology.

HI-Tech have a reputation for delivering high quality I.T. solutions and services. This has led to an impressive track record which includes the following clients, all of which have returned to HI-Tech for both renewed and repeat business:

BIS Applied & Banking Systems
Hermes Pension Fund Management
Hill Samuel Investment Management
Natwest Markets
Union Bank of Switzerland
Zurich Financial Services


HI-Tech offer clients experienced personnel in the provision of the following services:

  • Business Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Development
  • Application Support

HI-Tech have found that business and technical requirements differ substantially for each client and furthermore for individual projects. We therefore utilize a combination of permanent employees and contract staff, for the provision of highly skilled professionals to meet specific requirements. This ensures a cost effective method in providing clients with a complete solution for tasks of any size and the flexibility to call upon additional staff as and when required.

Using the reputation that HI-Tech have built within its industry, we have managed to build an association with related companies. These associations mean that there is an ability to recruit staff for unspecified periods of time and at short notice. Utilizing HI-Tech and their market associations enables clients to meet short term and urgent resource requirements, without the necessity to obligate to the employment of either contract or permanent staff and the related costs, both financial and in effort.



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